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Weight loss: Abaker456 used this Keto diet plan to shed 2st 12lb

Abaker456 recently shared pictures of her weight loss journey. She shares the exert keto diet she used to archive 2st 12lb in just seven months.

Getting a perfect weight loss with a keto diet is often seen as a hard task by many, however, a Reddit user “Abaker456” used this Keto diet plan to get a fast weight loss.

It’s no longer new how slimmers turn to social media to share their weight loss journey.

If you’re regular on Reddit, then you must have come across most keto diet plans pictures shared by people who are trying to lose weight.

The power of low-carb keto diet plan and intermittent fasting for weight loss is so high. This type of weight loss has helped a lot of people to lose weight as fast as possible.

Seeing the pictures shared Abaker456 will not only inspire you to start your weight loss journey if you want to lose weight, but it helps you understand the power of keto.

Following her steps, eating the same things she eat will go a long way in helping you lose ugly weight fast.

The Slimming process took Abaker456 just seven months to archive.

She said: “Keto and IF for the first four to five months. Now focused on simply low carb and intuitive eating.”

Weight loss: Abaker456 used this Keto diet plan to shed 2st 12lb in just seven months

The 24 years old revealed that she eat foods low in carbs and high in fat.

Accordingrevealed slimmer, if you must follow the keto diet plan she followed, then you need 25 grams of net carbs per day, and protein as well. This helps your body to enter Ketosis.

This slimmer eat keto-friendly foods including meats, fish, dairy, eggs, nuts, dairy, and non-starchy vegetables.

With the help of intermittent fasting, she was able to eat her meals within a set time.

Eating Low-carb diet plan made this slimmer to get a good result in her weight loss journey.

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