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Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas official Wedding Pictures

Sophie turner’s has Officially tied the knot with Joe Jonas in France. Here are a collection of the top 10 wedding dress pictures.

Sophie Turner, 23, and Joe Jonas, 29, wed on Saturday at Château de Tourreau in Sarrians, France on Saturday.

Sophie Turner

The wedding isn’t one to be considered a low key wedding, because many invited guests were in attendance.

Jonas got absolutely speechless immediately he sighed Sophie walking down the aisle on a beautiful wedding dress.

Sophie’s wedding dress is one that’s full of nice fittings, the dress features include; full skirt with a traincapped sleeves, and an intricate brocade pattern on the white fabric.

Joe Jonas


One of the wedding pictures that got people really laughing really hard is that of Joe Jonas dog.

Joe wore a wonderful dress made suite by Bevza. With the way he smiled all through the wedding, one can easily tell that he’s absolutely happy to wed his sweetheart.

Joe and his sweetheart gave out their wedding invitation cards just after the billboard music awards.

Jonas and tuner wedding was beautifully decorated with white elegant flowers and glass candles.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner

The smile on Sophie’s face during the wedding ceremony speaks a whole lot about her love for Joe.

Priyanka Chopra was in attendance, she wore the most beautiful pink dress to turner’s wedding. Earlier last week, Chopra dropped an update on her Instagram social handle about being in France.

Joe Jonas

This wedding ceremony will forever be in the heart of the couple, as they teared up drying their vows.

Tuner Co game of  Thrones star Maisie Williams was in attendance with her boyfriend. They both dyed their hair pink to the occasion.

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Just last week, Maisie Williams and others were in attendance of turner’s bachelorette party.

Jona and his lovely sweetheart showed their engagement back in October 2017.

We wish the couple a happy married life!.

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