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Rob Gronkowski’s Weight Loss: Here’s How Gronkowski Lost Weight

Rob Gronkowski weight loss

The news about Rob Gronkowski weight loss is one good news for anyone looking for ways to lose weight. Rob Gronkowski is an Ex-New England Patriots footballer. He is also known as “Gronk”. He has won three Super Bowls during his nine years in the NFL and has earned more than $50 million. But He would rather retire and says he feels better in his retirement. He says;

“I feel like I’ve definitely transformed ever since I stopped playing football. I feel like I transformed in a better way,” Gronkowski tells CNBC Make It.

Rob Gronkowski weight loss

About Rob Gronkowski weight loss

He lost up to 10 pounds by changing his diet drastically. He also does a stability workout that he learned from his previous colleague. He has also discovered his love for Sudoku puzzles and says it as an exercise for his mind. He says;

“I just got the [Sudoku] book and there’s like 150 physical puzzles in it, and I knocked out 15 already this week,” Gronkowski says. “It gets you thinking, it gets your mind thinking and gets you going. It gets the wheels turning.”

Upon retiring, Gronkowski has also been trying intermittent fasting, this involves fasting for 16-18 hours. He says;

“I fast every other day, you know, depending on what I’m doing, where I’m traveling,” Gronkowski says, adding that he never does a long fast on days he has a tough workout. But he does dabble with doing longer fasts. “I just did my longest fast this week, about six days ago, it was for 24 hours,” Gronkowski tells CNBC Make It on Tuesday.

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Rob Gronkowski weight loss Pictures

Check the photos of Rob Gronkowski weight loss below. find out his before and after photos now.

Rob Gronkowski weight loss Rob Gronkowski weight loss

The good thing about Rob Gronkowski weight loss is that is has made him felt better than he has ever been. He felt less bloated.  Fasts lasting longer than 12 hours can be dangerous, especially for individuals who have specific health conditions or take certain prescriptions, according to the National Institutes of Health.

Food that helped Rob Gronkowski weight loss

Now Gronkowski says he sticks with plant-based protein shakes with almond butter, chia seeds, and fruit for recovery after workouts and has chicken with veggies like green beans, broccoli or asparagus with quinoa or sweet potatoes for lunch and dinner. (It’s similar to his pal Tom Brady’s diet.)

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At some point, he was able to achieve 240 pounds, which was about a 20-pound loss. He is currently 250 pounds which is quite impressive especially with the fact that he was 260 as a footballer.

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