Rene Favaloro: The 10 Things You must know About Argentine Cardiac surgeon

Today Google doodle is celebrating Rene Favaloro. The truth still remains that this Argentine Cardiac surgeon brought light to human through his coronary artery bypass surgery to combat clogged arteries.

This Argentine surgeon brought light to the human race with powerful work. His immense contribution to coronary bypass surgery has helped to keep may people alive today.

Favaloro believes in teamwork as he said it brings more result.

“I have always believed in teamwork. ‘We’ is more important than ‘I,'” he said. “In medicine, the advances are always the result of many efforts accumulated over the years.”

Rene Favaloro

Today we take a close look at his life and pioneering work.

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Right now, we’ve listed the 10 most import things you need to know about this great man. Take a look at Rene Favaloro story now

Dr. René Gerónimo Favaloro was born in 1923 in La Plata, Argentina.

One major reason he went into medicine was to save the life of the poor.

After receiving his secondary education at Colegio Nacional of La Plata, Favaloro went to Medical Science Faculty of La Plata University.

The first operation he performed was recorded as a success. This is the major reason why the world will always remember him.

At Cleveland Clinic, he performed the first ever recorded coronary artery bypass surgery.

During Rene Favaloro stay in the US, he recorded much success in his medical filed. In 1977, René Gerónimo Favaloro returned to Argentina.

Dropping his resignation letter was not an easy one. But according to him, all he did was for the love of the whole world.

He returned to Argentina where he performed most surgeries free of charge.

However, things didn’t go well as planted as René Gerónimo Favaloro foundation experienced the financial crisis as other hospitals owed the foundation $18m.

According to Wikipedia, Rene Favaloro died on 29 July 2000.