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Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss: Gilmore Girls Star made huge lifestyle change

Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss

The Melissa McCarthy weight loss success is still a shock to many.  Melissa McCarthy, mother of two and wife of Ben Falcone rose to fame with her roles on Gilmore Girls and Mike and Molly.  She also starred in movies like the BridesmaidsGhostbusters, and Superintelligence.

Melissa McCarthy expressed her feelings about having people discuss her because of her size,  she also talked about everything to know about good health and weight-loss using herself as a source of inspiration.

Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss
Here’s How Melissa McCarthy Achieved Amazing Weight Loss

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The first Melissa McCarthy weight loss

Melissa explained to People Magazine that she had attempted an all-liquid diet after her role on Gilmore Girls under a doctor’s supervision. “I’d never do that again. I felt starved and crazy half the time,” she said.

Melissa talked about her weight and experience in Hollywood, being the cover star of INSTYLE magazine in February 2019. Recalling a time when someone from a big organization had interviewed her and would not stop calling her body tremendously.

Melissa went on to point out that it happens all the time to her, “to the point where it’s fascinating because they don’t do it to men,” she told the magazine. “Not to be a jerk or single him out, but when John Goodman weight loss journey was heavier, did anybody ever talk about his girth?”

What made many people believe Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss will work out well was when she shared an empowering message on Instagram in 2016;

“We have to stop categorizing and judging women based on their bodies. We are teaching young girls to strive for unattainable perfection instead of feeling healthy and happy in their own skin,” she wrote, adding this quote by Gloria Steinem at the end: “Imagine we are linked not ranked.”

Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss
Here’s How Melissa McCarthy Achieved Amazing Weight Loss

What is Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss Plan?

She explained how she had felt ‘put in a box’ to AARP in April 2018 due to her weight.  “I just find it dumb and boring. I really do,” she shared. “No one’s asking a man, how do you keep your legs in shape? Which I’ve been asked. I think every time we categorize people—by weight, by race, by gender—we put them in boxes and it’s not a good thing for the world.”

Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss
Here’s How Melissa McCarthy Achieved Amazing Weight Loss

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Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss has been credited to not doing much of anything at all: “No trick, nothing to tell, just super-boring life,” she told Extra TV. “You bring it real down, you don’t do anything fun, and you go to bed at 7:30—that’s the trick.”

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